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Choosing talents based on merits:Identity Expert values is a prerequisite for our candidates. We choose the employees have both ability and political integrity, morality is the first.
Choosing talents based on ability:Give full scope to the talents, let the staff on their job and do their best to. In Expert, whose ability is stronger, who can get more important jobs.
Education because of the material:Everyone has his own advantages, training companies focus on its strengths, individualized education. We according to each person's situation, the development of personalized occupation career planning.
Retention by affection: We provide vast development space for employee, make its ability to play. We create the work environment and cultural atmosphere is more family oriented, to retain more talents.

Concept of our work:
We promote a "healthy, happy, positive, scientific" concept of work.
Physical and mental health, enjoy work, which can be a real pleasure in life.
Expert development not only is the combination of individual and enterprise, but we can share the same ideals and values, which will be the energy source to promote the development of Expert.
The company provides the perfect salary and welfare to each employee, provide vast development space for employee.

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