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Shanghai/Beijing Expert has self-owned brand compounding for the PP special fiber¡¢modified PET engineering plastic and blends and modified PPS, which can be widely used in automotive industry¡¢electrical and electronic industry¡¢industrial consumer goods¡¢textile industry and health care etc. With its innovative spirit, Expert has become the backbone of the localization wave in the new materials and be recognized as the technology leader in the domestic PP meltblown material, the continuous innovator in the modified PET engineering plastics.

Industry classification
Industry Application Product brands Performance characteristics
Automotive industry Front crossbeam of sunroof G7130TC High strength,weathering resistance,easy forming
 master cylinder housing  G7130ZL High strength,aging resistance,oil resistance
Valve housing for vacuum booster G7135FT High strength,high gloss,good dimensional stability
Vehicle ignition coil  G7130DH High strength,low expansion,high temperature resistance
Decoration loop of car lamp G7120DS Heat resistant,low warpage,good dimensional stability
G7100DS Free primer,high gloss,high temperature resistance
Windshield wiper arm G7120YG High strength,anti-aging,anti impact
The motor casing G7125DJ High strength,high voltage,high gloss
Radiator grille G7220GS High rigidity,heat resistance and low temperature,anti impact
Filter shell G7220LQ High strength,oil resistance
Fuel pump impeller C8150 Oil resistant swelling,high wear resistance,good dimensional stability
Absorbent and heat insulation cotton Explown®P6315 Explown®P6317 Sound insulation,heat insulation,noise reduction(The door panel,pillar,roof etc.)
Explown®P6315HW Explown®P6317HW Sound insulation,heat insulation,noise reduction£¬Excellent heat aging properties(Around the engine)
Electrical and electronic industry Connector GR7130LJ Better strength and toughness,good insulation,flame retardant V0
Coil skeleton GR7130GJ Excellent strength and toughness,heat resistance,goodsize stability,flame retardancy of V0
  GR7115FS GR7130FS High temperature resistance,high strength,good dimensional stability,flame retardant V0
Relay shell GR7120JD High strength,ageing resistance,resistance to current
G8120 G8150 G8180 Excellent insulation,high temperature and high pressure resistance,good dimensional stability
Industrial consumer goods Energy Saving Lamp¡¯s Holder  GR7120DT GR7125DT Yellowing resistance,high temperature resistant,anti ultraviolet,good toughness,good dimensional stability,flame retardant V0
The hair straightener housing GR7120ZF High temperature resistance,good toughness,good gloss,easy coloring
Electric iron YD Yellowing resistance,high temperature resistance,good size stability,high gloss
The oven handle GR7115KX High strength,good dimensional stability,heat resistance
Oil absorbing cotton / felt Explown®P6313 Explown®P6315 Narrow molecular weight distribution,low ash content,long spinning cycle
Vacuum cleaner bag Explown®P6315 Super high fluidity,high elongation
Drinking water filter Explown®P6001 Improved melt flow,lower processingtemperature and energy consumption
Textile industry Heat insulation cotton Explown®P6815 Narrow molecular weight distribution,low ash content,long spinning cycle
Industrial yarn Explown®P6006 Improved melt flow,lower processingtemperature and energy consumption
Health care Medical operation Explown®P6513 Explown®P6515 Explown®P6518 Narrow molecular weight distribution,low ash content,long spinning cycle
Mask Explown®P6813 Explown®P6815 Explown®P6818 Odorless and tasteless£¬narrow molecular weight distribution,low ash content,long spinning cycle
Explown®P6111RZ6 Explown®P6313RZ6 Reduce the non-woven products resistance,improve thefilter effect of non-woven products
Sanitary napkins,diapers Explown®P6310Q Explown®P6313Q Explown®P6315Q Hydrophilic and water absorption properties
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