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Focus mainly on developing new modified resin materials
Help those who need to reduce their product cost and to improve their product competitiveness
Help those who need to improve their product grade and quality and to improve their product competitiveness
Initiate the value of °ģgiving others profits and facilitate will get back

Integrity°™Honesty, always do what we preach and be responsible for customers. Harmonious°™Build a live abreast relationship between staff and staff, enterprise and all customers.
Innovation°™innovate production, innovate technology, innovate system, and innovate from an all-around.
Progress°™Developing is an unyielding principle. Grow up is more important than successful.

Excellent ones will be promoted, average ones will be pushed aside and inefficient ones will be demoted.
To value talents, care for talents and respect talents and build the platform of fair competition.

Patriotic heart°™strong sense of national pride and selfless teamwork
Cherishing family heart°™hold a loving-kindness heart and strong sense of social responsibility
Understanding heart°™we trust that we are the best!
Become a nobility, pure and useful person.

Provide environmental friendly production for society
Provide high value-added production for customers
Provide the platform of fair competition for staffs
Bring up citizen of brilliant character for country
Create wealth for the society/staff/shareholders

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