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The core value of Expert -- Quality, Honesty integrity, Cooperation, Professional

Quality→The character and quality
Character- From company's perspective: love talent, respect for talent, talent, talent is the greatest wealth, but does not give talent"
From personal perspective: To do things openly, to be upright.
Refine to work, treats people sincerely frank.
Work hard,earn money reasonably.

Honesty→Honest and trustworthy
Honest- Honest, to tell the truth, do solid work, dares to undertake the responsibility.
Trustworthy-For company means "To win the trust of customers employees, to win the trust of partners; would rather lose money, not lose credibility."
For staff means"Say it will do", company"Only focus on credit, no matter the efforts, pay attention to results."


Cooperation→External is "Achievement: Customer satisfaction and success is committed to customer" 
Internal is"Teamwork: respect and trust of others, the collective struggle".
Advocate the concept of external and internal "customers" satisfaction. 

Professional→ “EXPERT” 
Company logo is defined: We are composed of experts, professional talents. Expert is professional company specialized in providing value-added services to customers.
External is show to customer:"We are professional company"
Internal is show to staff: Only continuous learning progress, become a professional talent, can accompany with the company to develop.

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